Trade Execution

AVM Solutions provides global fixed income and credit trading solutions for some of the most sophisticated portfolio managers in the world. Our highly specialized intellectual capital, developed over 31 years of total immersion in the G10 capital markets, enables us to deliver and execute unique trade ideas and portfolio solutions.

AVM Solutions clients benefit from:

  • Superior trade execution in global markets
  • State-of-the-art analytics, all developed in-house
  • Alpha strategies tailor-made for each client
  • Proprietary relative value and macroeconomic research
  • Aligned, unbiased interests, as AVM carries no inventory

AVM Solutions executes nondiscretionary bond and OTC trades in the global rates and credit market for a select group of absolute return managers. Our brokerage fee is typically more than offset by the savings that result from superior trade execution.

Key advantages to having AVM execute your trades:

  • Our Florida traders trade around the clock in New York, London and Tokyo markets
  • We’ve averaged over $1 trillion in client trades for the past three years
  • Over 40% of our traders hold engineering degrees
  • Our 30 traders and six trading principals have over 17 years of average industry experience
  • We regularly execute trades with the 20 largest dealers
  • We generally know which dealers are axed

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