Rates & Swaps

AVM co-founder Cliff Viner, who actively directs our Rates & Swaps team, has been immersed in the global rates and swaps market since 1982. Collectively, the team has a long and enviable history of generating alpha for its clients and affiliates.

AVM’s most frequently used trading types include:

  • Convergence structures (basis trades)
  • Trading around a platform (small adjustments on asset swap box)
  • Creating long undervalued options structures
  • Gross anomalies

Unique strategies currently in global markets include:

  • EUR Conditional Steepeners
  • U.K. Asset Swaps
  • U.S. Synthetic Treasuries vs. Whole Bonds
  • JGB Short-Term Steepener
  • CAD Flatteners vs. U.S. Steepeners
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Clifford G. Viner
Principal, Co-founder

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Jason Prest

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Trent Redman

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