Repo Execution

For 31 years, AVM Solutions has been forging and maintaining broker/dealer relationships for repo clients and assisting them through the documentation and credit process. Our team has experience with multiple funding strategies, from standard repo and securities lending to structured repo, options financing and collateral swaps. Acting as your outsourced repo trading desk, we can:

  • Execute non-discretionary repo and reverse repo transactions
  • Confirm trades and provide trade detail reports
  • Process trade tickets and confirm collateralization and pricing
  • Work closely with the clearing agent to ensure successful settlement
Our secure web portal offers access to a variety of reports to help manage repo exposures and risks, including:
  • Detailed repo analysis by maturity, strategy and counterparties
  • Financing schedules
  • Exposure reports
  • Historical tracking of repo balances and haircuts
  • Liquidity worksheets

Explore our Reporting Demo to learn more about our Repo & Liquidity reporting capabilities.
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Aaron Davis
Repo Specialist

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Aaron Stearns
Repo Trader

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Jerry Dupont
Repo Trader

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Patrick Doyle
Head of Funding and Liquidity

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