Collateral Management

Collateral management is an integral part of our Repo & Liquidity solutions. Clients of AVM Solutions have access to our proprietary collateral management system - which is the envy of many Wall Street collateral desks.

This secure, highly flexible system allows us to:
  • Calculate, monitor and report on daily mark-to-market credit exposures
  • Analyze and reconcile mark-to-market differences with counterparties
  • Provide daily pricing on all of your fixed income and derivative securities
  • Instruct and settle incoming and outgoing margin movements
  • Track and reconcile interest on collateral and cash investments
  • Invest cash in various short-term instruments
  • Analyze exposure by counterparty or strategy
  • Account for netting across counterparties and products

Explore our Reporting Demo to learn more about our Repo & Liquidity reporting capabilities.
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Adam Ruen
Collateral Manager

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Joseph Dye
Collateral Assistant

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